METAL Tenor Saxophone

The Fred Rast Tenor saxophone mouthpiece is a solid brass, CNC-machined, gold or silver-plated, hand-finished mouthpiece that produces a big, rich, dark and warm sound with great projection.

These mouthpieces were conceived while creating a hard rubber mouthpiece with the exact sound and feel Fred Rast wanted, then digitally modeled and reproduced in solid brass.  

Each piece is hand-finished and "voiced" through adjusting baffle height and facing to produce a free-blowing, large chamber mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece features a silver slide on ligature (similar to Lawton mouthpieces), to allow for precise reed placement and unencumbered vibration common with some constrictive ligatures.

Two mouthpiece models are available: the Traditional and the Contemporary (see below). Available tip openings from #6* (.095) to #10* (.135).  Facing and tip openings are modeled after Otto Links.

Price: $650.


Contemporary Model

The Contemporary model has a brighter sound.  It has a similarly large chamber, and a very big bottom with a bit more edge and presence in tone.  The baffle is less sloping and a bit higher than the Traditional Model.  


Traditional Model

The Traditional model has a lower sloping baffle which produces a very big and dark (not dull) tone with lush sub-tones.  These mouthpieces have a sound reminiscent of the famous vintage mouthpieces of the 1950s.