Fred Rast has been making mouthpieces for twenty years, and has made mouthpieces for and worked with some of the finest saxophonists in the world, including Jerry Bergonzi, Kenny Garrett, Seamus Blake and Don Byron.

Fred Rast has been teaching clarinet and saxophone in San Jose, California for the last 35 years after studying music at San Jose State University. 

For the last year and a half I have had the good fortune to receive the help of Fred in reconstructing my playing after a serious accident with a sliding van door which shortened my right pinky and weakened my right hand. When you add the aging of my teeth to the point where I had to reduce the size of my mouthpieces, I was a mess.

I immediately learned he was easy to work with and had the experience I need to tap into. We started with pieces I already owned and gradually got down to the sizes I needed which are small by today’s standards for playing jazz.

Fred’s voicing of the mouthpiece is important. He does it with a lot of back and forth. Give him a serious look!
— Bob Ackerman